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Advance Java

Advance Java

Course Overview:

Our Advanced Java course is an in-depth program that builds on the concepts covered in the Core Java course. The course is designed for intermediate-level Java developers who want to expand their knowledge and skills in Java programming. Students will learn advanced Java concepts such as web programming, servlets, JSP, and database programming using JDBC.


A strong understanding of Core Java programming is required
Prior experience in web development, HTML, and CSS is helpful but not required.

Following topics covered:

Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Advanced Inheritance Concepts
Nested Classes

Introduction to Servlets
Developing Servlets using Tomcat
Java Server Pages (JSP) and JavaBeans

Introduction to JDBC
Working with Databases
JDBC Driver Types

Introduction to Hibernate
ORM Concepts
Hibernate Architecture and Configuration

Introduction to Web Services
SOAP and RESTful Web Services
Developing Web Services using Java

Introduction to Java Security
Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
Security Concepts in Java

Course Features

  • Duration : 60+ hrs.
  • Leactures : 40+
  • Projects : 3
  • Activities : 10+

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